Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), if you cannot find the solution to your question, please contact us using our form.

How do I know which course fits my needs?

Do not worry, here at Challenges, before entering any of our courses, we take the Placement Test, so the course will be adapted to your English level.

What if I don't adapt to the methodology?

Don’t worry, together with our Placement Test, we conduct an interview to understand your needs and preferences, and your course will be customized according to your interests. If you like sports, for example, your lessons and classes will be based on different sports. Do you want to travel abroad? We will include examples from everyday life and expressions most used in hotels, restaurants, etc. Do you want to use English to advance your career? We will personalize your classes so that they contain real examples of situations from the corporate world.

Is it possible to become fluent with this course?

All of our courses offer the practice you need to become fluent. The amount of time or classes that will be required varies depending on your level.

Our courses help you apply your chosen language to your daily life faster, teaching you through current and daily content, relevant to your needs. So while fluency is a long-term goal, you will see significant progress more quickly than any other course.

Why not all courses can I pay directly on e-commerce?

As our courses are completely personalized, not all are available for payment on the website. But don’t worry, in these cases we will do the same installment. We just need to assess your real need, so that you enter the course totally focused on your needs.

At what times can I take the conversation classes?

Individual classes can be scheduled according to your availability and the tutor’s availability. Schedules are available on all days and periods. It is important that you book your schedule at least 48 hours in advance, so that the tutor will have time available to prepare your class.


On-Site Courses vs. Online Courses?

Our school has both face-to-face and online services. The face-to-face service can be carried out in our unit from 10 am to 3 pm. Or, if it is the student’s choice, we can do it at other times. For online attendance, the student chooses his best time. To access the content platform, the student is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Only for classes together with the teacher, the student should check the availability of the teacher and align with his best day and time.


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