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Soon we will be back to work in our facilities.


About us

Founded in 1982 with the objective of bringing a complete language school to the jardins neighborhood, Challenges is close to the largest financial center in São Paulo and attends students in a personalized way based on the linguistic needs detected during the initial interview.


Here at Challenges, we work with several course modes.
Before starting, our student takes a test in order to insert him/her
in the ideal language and methodology.
Choose your language and talk to a specialist.
Turn your life around.

Group classes

Group classes

Small groups with focus on conversation.

One to one classes

Tailored to the student’s needs


Online classes

Now all our classes are being given online for those who want to study wherever they are


For those who want to improve in the language. Pronunciation correction given by native teachers.

n.b.: All these modes can be done in our school, your home, your office or online. In this period, due to the pandemic, all our classes will be given online.

Why does the expected result come quicker with Challenges?

Our teachers are focused on the result, we will work to achieve the 100% result.



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