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A. Read a teenager’s blog about shopping and check (x) A, B, or C.

Shopping with mother?

I’m Cathy Huang, and I’m 16. Welcome to my blog. This week I’m writing about shopping with your mother. Thanks for reading!
Have you ever been shopping with your mother? I’d like to hear you say “Yes, and it was fun.” But are you really telling the truth? I went to the shopping mall yesterday with my mom. She wanted to buy me a dress for her birthday party. She’s going to be 50 next weekend. “So what’s the problem with that?” I hear you ask.
Well, the problem is, my mother always wants to buy me what she wants, not what I want. And we want very different things. I tried on a beautiful red dress, but she said it didn’t fit. (It was very short!) Then I tried on a long skirt, but she didn’t like the color. (It was purple!) I was in and out of fitting rooms all day and we couldn’t agree on anything. She rolled her eyes and complained about everything I tried on. It was so depressing. And so boring. By 5 o’clock my feet were killing me and I still didn’t have a dress for the party.
Next time Mom wants to take me shopping, I’m going to tell her my room is a terrible mess and I have to clean it now. I know it’s not very nice to lie, but shopping with my mother is not fun. And, I’ve just seen a fantastic dress on eBay. It’s so chic. I’m going to look amazing at Mom’s party.


Example: Cathy writes her blog every week.

A  True  (x)    B  False (  )    C  Doesn’t say  (  )

1   Cathy and her mom went to the shopping mall yesterday.

2. Cathy’s mom wanted to buy her a skirt.
3. Cathy’s mom is 50 next weekend.
4. Cathy’s mom always buys too many clothes.
5. Cathy tried on a beautiful red dress.
6. Cathy and her mom agreed on everything.
7. Cathy thought it was an exciting shopping trip.
8. By 5 o’clock, Cathy wanted to go home.
9. Cathy doesn’t want to go shopping with her mom again.
10. Cathy isn’t going to her mom’s birthday party.
B. Read the blog again and answer the questions.
1. What does Cathy’s mom always want to buy her?
2. What did Cathy’s mom think of the red dress?
3. What did Cathy’s mom complain about?
4. What two problems did Cathy have at 5 o’clock?
5. What is the eBay dress like?

A.  Listen to a conversation between Jack and his mother. Check (x) A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

1   Jack’s mother has just been to the ______.

2. Jack hasn’t cleaned ______ yet.
3. Jack has got a lot of ______ to do.
4. One thing Jack’s mother asks him to do is: ______.
5. Jack thinks housework is ______.
B. Listen to five conversations. Match the conversations with the topics (A–G). There are two answers you don’t need.
2. Conversation 2
3. Conversation 3
4. Conversation 4
5. Conversation 5

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